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Apprenticeship Program

Did You Know?

  • 52 salons close every day.

  • The average lifespan of a hairdressers's career is 3-5 years.

  • 80% of stylists drop out in the first 2 years after graduation due to lack of money and training.

Don't be a Statistic!

These statistics are alarming, and they reveal just how challenging the salon industry has become. However, with the right education and guidance, it is possible to have a long, well-paying career as a hairdresser. That’s where the Apprenticeship Program comes in. This program is a step-by-step system (for stylists at any level) that will help you become a top-notch hair dresser and a sharp businessperson. It prepares you for a sustainable career by giving you the knowledge and tools necessary to keep moving forward when others are giving up.


You want to be successful and secure in your career as a hair stylist, but are you concerned about your future after cosmetology school? Where do you begin? How do you find a salon and coworkers that will mentor you and motivate you? How do you support yourself financially? Should you choose a commission-based salon, a booth rental salon or start your own business?
These are just a few of the concerns you may be facing after you graduate. At The Salon by Lora Brown, we want you to be successful and knowledgeable. Lora Brown, the owner of The Salon, can relate with you. For more than 35 years, she has worked in the beauty industry and understands its challenges. She has worked as an assistant, booth renter, and owned her own commission salon. 
Ours is the only salon in Amarillo to implement the Summit Salon system and offer the Apprenticeship Program. The Apprenticeship Program is designed to make you a successful, talented and confident hairdresser that is able to maintain a strong, secure career path with a flexible and balanced life. This program is a “proven system with proven results.”

Learn more about the Summit Salon Program:

What you will Learn...

Apprenticeship Program

Revenue Management


Daily Numbers

Goal/Vision Boards

Wealth Planners

Productivity Planners


Client Management

Proper Verbiage for Clients

Client Customer Service

Growing A Clientele

Retention Tracking


Call backs

Social Media Presence


  • Facebook

  • Instgram


Facebook Live

Technical Classes


  • Cutting

  • Coloring

Taking Notes

Add On's

  • Treatments

  • Facial Waxing

Proper Shampoo Treatments

Cutting Classes w/Model or Mannequin

  • Face Shapes

  • Cutting Theory

  • Cutting Styles

  • Styling




Chemical Smoothers/Straighteners

Corrective Color

Coloring Classes w/Model or Mannequin

  • Color Theory

  • Balayage

  • Highlights/Lowlights

  • Placement





  • Setting Retail Goals

  • Retail Take Home

Front Desk


Target Market

Product Knowledge

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