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New Around Here?

Your First Visit With Us...

When you arrive at the salon, we will be there to greet you, and your service will begin with a 15 minute in-depth consultation. During this time we will create a unique, customized plan specific to you, that not only covers your first visit, but also a long term plan to ensure that all of your hair goals are met. 

If you are here for a color appointment, a personalized color will be formulated specifically for you, and recorded in our computerized database so it's ready and waiting for you at every visit. We also have a wide array of amenities to make your processing time comfortable and relaxing.

Your haircut will also be created uniquely for you, complimenting your face shape, and tailored to fit your lifestyle and styling preferences. During this time, we always like to share styling tips and tricks, and offer mini styling lessons to help simplify your daily routine.

We will finish up your appointment by sharing our recommendations for at home care so you can recreate your new look effortlessly at home, and we will get you set up for your next appointment. You can expect to hear from us within a week to make sure you are loving your new hair, and we will eagerly looking forward to your next visit!


Let's Get Acquainted!

Please fill out this Pre-Consultation Questionnaire so we can better serve you and set up an appointment.

Whether you see us for cuts, color, highlights, or a little bit of everything... we've got the perfect plan to ensure you look amazing. Your stylist will walk you through exactly what steps you'll need to take at home to execute the perfect color and style between appointments.

Suggested Maintenance Schedule


3 - 12 Weeks

Root Touch - Ups

4 - 6 Weeks


9 - 12 Weeks


8 - 12 Weeks


3 - 6 Weeks


3 - 6 Weeks

Earn Points, Gain Rewards

Rock Formation

Referral Program

Refer a friend and get $20 off your next haircut!

Rock Formation

Retail Stamp Card

Buy a product, Get a stamp! Receive $40 off your next retail purchase after completion!

Loyalty Program

For every dollar spent in THE Salon, earn points! Redeem  points for services and products!

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