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Color Wheel Spiel

Why Do I Need to Understand the Color Wheel?

You are wanting to change your hair color and have just sat down in your stylist's chair for a color consultation. Out pops the huge color swatch book and you are pretty sure your stylist starts speaking greek. Let's break down the basics of what you need to know. How you can better understand the consultation, and communicate with your stylist.

The very first step of a consultation is to determine what level you are naturally. We all have a natural level of color (the color we were born with). Over time as you get older, your color can change, sometimes going darker or having more grey. This can occur with any hormone changes or brought on by heredity. Looking at the chart you will fall on a number 1 through 10, or possibly be spilt between two.

This is the starting point of your hair coloring process. In our next few blogs we will discuss the lightening process, natural hair color, and your natural underlying pigments.

For example:

If you are a level 2 and want to be a level 4 you will pull Red pigments.

If your are a level 6 and want to be a level 8 you will pull Gold pigments.

If you are a level 8 and want to be a level 10 you will pull Yellow pigments.

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