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Everything is Blonder in Texas

I live in Texas, and we all know Texas is full of blondes and BIG hair! It is also known that blondes are noticed first in a room full of people, followed by redheads, then brunettes, So I will use the example of a brunette wanting to be a blonde. For visual purposes, Eva Mendes is a level 4 and wants highlights. She wants to look like Margot Robbie, who is a level 9.

We often hear a client say, "I want to be a blonde, but I do not want to be gold or brassy." Brassy tones are those undesirable red, orange, or gold tones in the hair. It is impossible to lift hair without it going warm. Hair does not lift cool during the lightening process. Cool tones are tones or shades dominated by greens, blues, violets and grays. Each level (1 thru 10) goes though warm shades of lift. This is all due to the underlying pigments in each level.

To get a level 4 (Eva) to a level 9 (Margot) the hair goes from:

(Level 4) Red-Orange ---> (Level 5) Orange ---> (Level 6) Gold-Orange --->

(Level 7) Gold ---> (Level 8) Dark Yellow ---> (Level 9) Yellow

The darker your hair is, and the lighter you are wanting to go, will most likely take more than one processing time. To get a level 4 to a level 9 you will be looking at two, possibly three sessions of highlights. Additionally a glosser or toner must be applied after the lifting process to help tone down the warmth to leave you with a honey or caramel blonde. Just remember to be patient! Being a perfectly highlighted blonde just doesn't happen in one session! Your stylist will help you along the way keeping you confident and your hair healthy during your blonde journey!

Follow me next week to cover how a glosser or glaze actually works!

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