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Is My Hair Breaking Because of My Thyroid?

I have written several blogs on my own personal issues about my hair. Lately it has been feeling dry and brittle, but the most concerning issue is breakage. I have followed the protocol of protein masks, moisture masks, Oribe remedy treatments, Olaplex treatments, and keeping the heat on my dryer turned down. Recently, I realized that I have been having other issues as well. Low energy, like falling asleep in the bath tub at night, and my hands were swelling so much that I couldn't get my rings off in the evenings and had to have them re-sized. This was the final straw, something else had to be wrong!

I chose years ago to sign up for an age management program call the "Matrix Plan." This program tests my blood work and hormones in depth every 6 months. I went in and asked to have it checked again. The results came back and my thyroid was low on my T4. I am sharing my printout to help you understand, if you think you too may be having thyroid issues. Use my test as an example if needed to communicate with your doctor exactly where you fall inline with your thyroid test.

T4 - (Thyroxine) is responsible for your metabolism, mood and blood temperature.

T3 - (Triiodothyronine) is responsible for your digestive system, metabolic function, and bone health

THS - (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) is what helps your thyroid gland release T4 and T3. Without THS, the system would fail. (Click here for Article)

Looking at my chart, the left side shows my levels and the right shows the normal levels. I am 52.8% below the low range and 64% below the median range. I now have my answer to the real root of the problem. Previously, I was taking 25mcg of Liothyronine every other day. My dosage was changed to now taking 20mcg daily of Liothyronine. One more very important note, is to take your thyroid medicine on an empty stomach one hour prior to any other medicine or supplements. I have seen a change in just the past 3 weeks. I can tell that my hair has more shine and feels stronger. I don't feel or hear my hair breaking every time I run my fingers through it. Keep in mind that getting your levels lined out takes time. We are checking my blood work again, in one month, and will continue this process to ensure that the change in my prescription is enough.

I have posted pictures below to also show you the examples of what my breakage looks like.

I am thankful for Oribe Haircare, and Olaplex during this frustrating time for me. My breakage could have been so much worse! I am also thankful in a crazy way, that I now know what to look for and am able to help my clients and hopefully you in knowing what to do if you are experiencing problems such as this. Here is to better hair in the future!

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