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Option #2 After Going Gray

Highlight with lightener (Bleach Only): This option will be best suited for the client who have more white hair then grey (75% or more white, and 25% gray/steel gray)

It is very rare to go platinum naturally, most women have areas that are still darker and inconsistent. I have one client in particular in mind for this example. Sue has very fine, short pixie hair that is 75% white with patches of steel gray. We like to call them her devil horns and tail. Yes, we both laugh every time we highlight her. She is one of my favorite clients. She's a nurse, with a great sense of humor and a take charge personality, which I absolutely love! We highlight her every 4 months, so about three times a year. The upkeep is low, but the outcome is great. She has instant body, shine, and now a consistently platinum white pixie.

Here is another example of highlighting fine hair. The key to lightening gray hair that is 75% or more white, is to make sure to get them light enough. Get past the yellow stage, to the pale yellow, and then she is light enough that she doesn't require a toner. Picture a banana; the outside is yellow, but the inside is a very pale yellow. You must ask your stylist to lighten you to this point for a platinum result.

Stay tuned for option #3 and #4!

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