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Option #3 After Going Gray

Lowlights: If you have too much white and you want more depth, this technique will add body, help it appear thicker and will last 3 months.

Lowlights are the best option for darker gray clients, who may have been a darker blonde or brunette. They may be more comfortable staying at a darker steel gray than white. It may wash them out more more, due to their skin color. This option would be for someone who may be 50-25% grey. Adding more lowlights can give body, add shine, and help the hair to appear thicker.

Some key points for you and your stylist to discuss:

  • How much coverage do you actually want?

  • How do you style your hair?

  • Do you want more than one lowlight color back into your hair?

My suggestion for coverage is to take baby steps. Do less first, and you can always add more over time. Second, don't take to large of slices for the color: fine weavings only. Also, make sure your stylist places the foils away from the hairline, so you won't have obvious lines if you pull your hair back. Ask for diagonal sections only, no horizontal lines. This will look like stripes and the grow out won't look natural. The recommended maintenance schedule for lowlights is every 3 months, or 4 times a year. Also, using several shades and trying to match the grays with your own hair will result in a softer grow out and look more natural as well.

Stayed to tuned for the final option, next week!

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