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Your Pigment isn't a Figment


There are several things to consider if you are thinking about coloring your own hair. We have all stood in that grocery aisle trying to choose the color we want our hair to be. Light Blonde, Golden Blonde, Cool Blonde, Ash Blonde......What does it mean? How do you choose?

Natural Pigmentation is typically the color you were as a

child. Examples: Natural Blonde, Natural Red, or Natural


All hair is comprised of the same four pigments: black and

brown pigments called Eumelanin, and red and yellow

pigments called Pheomelanin.

To keep it simple: Black and Brown=B/B Yellow and Red= Y/R

-Light Blondes have smaller amounts of Y/R and B/B.

-Dark Blondes have more Y/R and B/B pigments than the light blonde.

-Medium or Dark Browns have the most Y/R and B/B pigments

-Red heads will have a small amount of B/B and more Y/R

Now, let's go back to you standing in the aisle. Knowing your natural pigmentation will determine the outcome of your color. You are a Medium Brown and want to be Blonde. Going lighter will always lift warm, meaning colors such as yellow, orange, and red. The warm tones that were once hidden are exposed and the color becomes off-balanced and “brassy.”

As always if you want the best results, leave it up to the professionals. Pigmentation is only one consideration in coloring your hair. Follow our blog, as we will cover more steps to consider when coloring for a successful outcome.

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