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The Fabric of Our Hair


Our hair has different types of texture. Fine hair is like silk, very fragile. Medium textured hair could be compared to cotton, and coarse hair is similar to wool. The diameter of the hair shaft changes along with the texture.

If you could compare hair texture to a fabric, care would be similar. Cotton can be washed, dried, and can take a little more heat than silk. Silk or fine hair has to be taken care of more gently with lower heat. Coarse hair, wool, can become frizzy and unmanageable if you dry it completely.

When applying color or bleach to hair, texture compares to fabric which then relates to application. Fine hair needs a more gentle color and bleach. It also may require less time to process and uses a lower volume developer. On coarse hair (wool), color may need a longer processing time and require a much stronger volume of developer to color or lighten.

The texture of your hair is just one of the things we consider when preparing a plan for your hair's requirements. For the best results possible, care and maintenance should also

be a priority.

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