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Why is taking your stylist's recommendation so important?

Have you ever been to your primary care physician with an illness? We all have! But, have you ever left without a solution, recommendation, or prescription to solve your problem? Of course not! You should expect the same from your stylist.

More often than not, you find yourself sitting in your stylist's chair showing them pictures of what you would like to do to your hair. Talking about what issues you may have, with the hopes that they can solve your problems! Your issues may revolve around fine and limp hair, or dry and frizzy hair. Some of us have scalp issues like dandruff, or dry scalp. Thinning and breakage are also common problems. Bottom line is we all have a handful of problems that we want solved.

Just like after visiting a doctor: He confirms the correct prescriptions to solve your issues. He would never just hand you a prescription pad and say "Figure it out!" Would you go back? No Way! The same can be said for when you visit a salon. If you sat in your stylist's chair and told them about any obstacles you may be experiencing, and they didn't give you any recommendations, solutions, or prescribed anything for your issues, would you come back? Probably not.

Our job is to solve your hair headaches. Your job is to take the recommendations from your stylist! We want you to love your hair and enjoy styling it without frustration. So the next time you sit in the chair, tell them what is working and what is not. Let us be your "hair doctor!"Let us show you what products to use, how much to use, when to use it and why this recommendation is the best for you.

Your stylist should be prescribing a minimum of 6 products!

For example:

-A shampoo and everyday conditioner for your particular hair type. (Color Care, Fine, Anti-Aging, etc.)

-A deep conditioner or masque for once a week. A protein masque for strength or a moisture masque for hydration.

-A leave in conditioner - a UVB, or UVA heat protectant for drying and styling.

-A styling product. It may be a smoothing product, a mousse or root lifter to add thickness or volume, or even something to bring out the curls.

-A finishing product for texture or separation or a hairspray. Clients often don't realize there are different hairsprays that do different things. Hairsprays can lock out humidity, give a soft flexible hold, or a strong hold.

If you want to replicate what your stylist does, take home your prescription to do so! If your stylist won't take the time to help solve your hair dilemmas, it may be time to fine another stylist who will.

Stay tuned for next week! We will be breaking down your local drugstore product vs. professional products.

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