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Why Do I Need to Shampoo With Cold Water?

It is known in my salon, that after receiving hair color, we shampoo with cold water! NOT warm or even tepid! Summer months are easier to handle, but I promise you, if you do this one thing, your color will last longer.

If you are still asking yourself "Why!?" or "Not me! No way!" Let me try to convince you! 😎

Have you ever washed your dark clothes in hot water? A black or dark red item washed in hot water instead of cold, comes out of the machine not as black or as red as it was before. This is the same with hair color. The cuticle opens up with hot water, and closes down with cold.

Another example is like the skin on your face. Removing make-up with hot water opens your pores. Using cool water as a rinse or a toner, closes your pores. This is the same with your scalp, even if you don't have any color on your hair. Using hot water, strips all the natural oils off your scalp. It essentially dries out your scalp and hair, so stick with more tepid water for colored hair!

Another important fact: If you use hot water immediately after receiving a color process, your color can fade almost 20% more. It's like shampooing $$ right down the drain! We know that during the winter months, it's hard to use cool water! Try shampooing in the sink, instead of taking a cold shower. At our salon, we provide robes, hot towels, and warm blankets. We know this is not easy, but we care about the outcome and lasting results for our clients hair.

If your still on the fence, cold water adds immediate shine to the hair, and who doesn't want more shine!?

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