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Why We Choose the "Colorist Color Lines"

We can say we are obsessed with color and we love to customize individual colors for our clients. There can not be artistic creativity without the technical mastery of our medium: which is hair!

Framesi and Alfaparf are two of our favorite lines of permanent color. Framesi was founded in 1945 and is developed in Milan, Italy. Milan is known as the capital of fashion, art, culture, and color. Alfaparf Milano was founded in 1980, also in Italy, and it is the #1 leading brand there today.

Both color lines are pure tone hair colors. (Blog: What is Pure Tone Hair Color?) But why do we choose them for our clients besides the pure tone? Creativity is also for the performance and longevity for the client. Framesi was the first company to emphasize cream, not liquid based color, with low ammonia (only 2% content) giving protection to the hair with Aramanth oil- for radiance and high shine, less damage and fadage. Having low ammonia (2%), allows the color to lift the cuticle just enough for the color molecules to penetrate in and close faster after the coloring process. The higher the ammonia, the more damaging it is. The cuticle stays open longer and is harder to close.

Not only is Alfaparf formulated with low ammonia, it has 3-D technology, meaning is uses 3 exclusive components in 3 subsequent phases.

  • Multi Lamellar Vehicle - provides shine, softness, and long lasting vibrant color.

  • Hyaluronic Acid - creates a lattice or webbing around the hair for consistent coverage along with less damage and more elasticity in the hair. Elasticity is important for the amount of give and stretch he hair can have before it breaks. The stronger the hair, the better the condition and stretch. The weaker the hair is, it will have less stretch and break more easily.

  • Hyper Intense Color System - (H.C.I.) a crystalized micro pigment that can go deeper in the hair, creating greater pigment concentration. Imagine taking 3 clear cylinders. Fill up one with large peanut M&M's, the second with regular M&M's, and the third with mini M&M's. The smaller micronized pigments allow more M&M's (mini) to fill the tube, allowing more color to fill the cuticle. A larger color molecule (the bigger M&M's) will slip out of the hair faster.

When it comes to the activators, the Framesi developers are made with vegetable, coconut, and castor oils. This causes them to be mild on the scalp for sensitive clients, while providing more light reflection, superior conditioning, and protection for the hair fiber and elasticity. Alfaparf developers contain bisabolol, which is an anti inflammatory for the scalp. This is great for sensitive clients, and is derived from chamomile.

We are able to provide quality color to all clients, including those with sensitivity issues. This consistent technology provides the results we need to make you, the client, happy every time.

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