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You Learn Something New Everyday!

I love to participate in continued education. This weekend I watched a video about the chemistry of hair color and how our industry continues to change and evolve. It continues to be more health conscience in the chemistry and the products we use.

In the past, we as stylists used to use a product called "P.P.T." It was a pure animal protein used to add protein back into hair that was damaged. You would apply the wet protein until it hardened, before removing it from the hair. Over time, we have learned that too much protein can break the hair. Having too much protein is just as bad as having too little-Until now.

Protein is like glue for the hair and is also known as Keratin. Keratin gives our hair strength and plays an important role in the structure of the hair, because our hair is made up of 90% protein. Fast forward to 2020, products like Oribe Hair Care, are vegan, gluten and cruelty free. Here's what I've learned about having animal proteins vs. plant proteins: You can use a plant protein mask EVERYDAY and it won't cause breakage! The chemist in the video I watched recommended to use a protein mask first, followed by a moisture mask when conditioning your hair. The protein fills in the holes in your hair (by 90%) caused by damage, while the moisture masque will fill the last 5 -10% of the hair during conditioning.

If you are not sure what you need to use, a true test is the old standard hair porosity test. There is a simple way you can test your hair's porosity at home. You just need two things: a glass of distilled water (use a clear glass) and a strand of hair. Put your strand of hair in the water. If after 30 seconds it floats, you need moisture. If it sinks, you need protein. Healthy hair repels water, while damaged hair has holes and will sink.

So the next time you are in the shower and go for your masks, remember what you learned today!

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