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It's Time for Shine

Glossers can be used to refresh and revitalize old or faded hair color, even if it is natural color (hair that has not been chemically treated) or hair that has been professionally colored.

Some glossers can be clear, without color, to just add shine and seal in the professional color. It can be used on virgin hair just to add shine. Think of a top coat (clear) like in a nail polish. These can last up to 4 weeks, depending on how often you shampoo and the temperature of your water. You should always use cool water! Refer back to our blog for reasons why! (

As we age, our natural hair color becomes less vibrant and shiny. It appears more dull and flat. A glosser is perfect for the client who feels her hair looks drab and lifeless.

Redken's Shades EQ, is perfect for this problem. It will give a slight amount of shift in their color and bring warmth back into the hair, giving an illusion of glow in the skin. Who doesn't want to look more youthful with healthy, shiny hair?

Another great gloss option is Sebastian's Cellophanes. Cellophanes enhance the shade of each hair strand rather than masking it for a vibrant, natural looking result, that can last up to four weeks. Cellophanes uses a unique combination of food dyes that provide a more natural, translucent color with exceptional shine. It is a semi-permanent colorant with a low acid PH. This means the cuticle is kept tightly closed, allowing Cellophanes' color molecules to deposit on the surface, building shiny translucent layers. Because it doesn't penetrate the structure of the hair, there is no ammonia. An αᵌ complex is used to seal the cuticle, evening the hair's surface and enhancing light reflectivity. This combination (the αᵌ complex and food dyes) also strengthens each strand and maintains the hair's natural moisture balance, making it look and feel healthier than ever!

Cellophanes is the perfect semi-permanent solution for every hair type and every shine-seeking client. They have 11 different shades, plus clear, that will refresh any permanent color between appointments. They enhance the color of every shade. They can be the perfect toner for highlighted or bleached hair, and the perfect stain for darker colors. Free from ammonia, alcohol, and peroxide, Cellophanes is the perfect "hair-friendly" gloss.

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