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How Do I Choose the Best Color For Me?

As we get older, not only does our hair turn gray, but the pigment in our skin also changes. We begin to loose that natural glow. Our skin tone becomes more sallow and gray. Today, Cool or "Ash"colors are more popular than they were 20 years ago. We may not know what colors look good on us!

At one of the many hair shows I attended, I learned a trick. I bought a cape was 2 different colors, split down the middle. One side was silver, a"cool" color, and the other side was gold, a "warm" color.

-Cool tones: tones made with greens, blues, violets or grays

-Warm tones: tones made with red, yellow, or gold

Because the cape was split down the middle, when I draped it over my client, we could instantly see if the warm side (gold) or the cool side (silver) was better with their skin tone. This was a good way for the two of us to determine the tones we should use for their hair moving forward. You could try this at home, but only in the correct lighting. Go outside with a mirror to tell what tones look best for you.

Another way you and your stylist can determine the correct tones for you, is in the salon under warm lighting, not cool! The cool lighting gives off an untrue tone on the skin and hair color. Sit in your stylists chair and pull all your hair back away from your face. Have your stylist lay the color swatches on your forehead. Have them put cool tones on one side and warm tones on the other. This is a good exercise if you are wanting to make a drastic change in your color as well. For example, if you are a natural level 6 and want to be a platinum blonde (level 10) or if you are a blonde and are wanting to go back to dark. (Blog: Color Wheel Spiel) This applies to gray hair as well, if you feel that your skin is becoming pale or loosing it's glow. Take a level 8 - golden blonde, and a level 8 - ash blonde and place them side by side on your forehead. I would be willing to bet that the warmer golden blonde would be the better color choice for you. Allow your stylist to help determine what looks best on you. Here at The Salon we custom blend colors to give you your personalized hair color, and create a color that fits you and your features!

What is a "Pure" tone color? Subscribe to our blog and find out next week!

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