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Men's Color: The Do's and the Don'ts

In todays time, when men want to color their hair, they too want to stay handsome and not look their age, or age gracefully. When coloring men's hair, don't go for permanent color. Take for example, Matthew McConaughey in "The Wedding Planner." Two things that men do not like is a root, or grow out and warm, brassy tones.

Do use a color line for men. My favorite is Redken Men's (Camo). It is formulated in all cool tones like ash, natural ash, dark ash, etc. It is a demi-color that has very little lift. It will not turn brassy as it fades, but will do so "on tone." Meaning, as the color fades it will stay the same tone, only lighter.

Another benefit is that it has a diffused line of regrowth. I like to say a "camouflaged" line, not a solid line of growth. Men's Camo also takes less time, anywhere from 10-15 minutes. So Men generally like the fact that they are in and out faster, spending less time in the chair.

For the "tech guys" and those who are fact-finders:

-Demi Colors are made up of 2 dye molecules: Oxidative dye and Direct dye

-Oxidative Dye molecules slightly penetrate the cortex of the hair

-Direct Dye molecules stick to the cuticle layer only

Within 2-3 weeks, the new hair growth comes in while the demi-color begins to fade. This is why I call it "camouflage" color. It will last 3-4 weeks depending on how often and the water temperature of your shampoo. Why is this important? Refer back to our blog! (

If for some reason, you or someone who is not experienced with color uses a permanent hair color, I'm sorry to say guys, you can't strip off the color back to your natural color without getting those brassy and warm tones. If you had salt and pepper hair, it won't be grey again until it grows off. This is considered a corrective color. You would need to contact a professional stylist, to make the transition easier and then promise to NEVER take matters into your own hands again!

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