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Option #1 After Going Gray

Coloring with a Glosser: This option will be best suited for someone who has more white or platinum in their hair, rather than light or dark gray.

One product that I really like to use is Sebastian's Cellophanes. Cellophanes uses a unique combination of food dyes that provide a more natural, translucent color with exceptional shine. It is a semi-permanent colorant with a low acid PH. This means that the cuticle is kept tightly closed, allowing Cellophanes' color molecules to deposit on the surface, building shiny translucent layers. Because it doesn't penetrate the structure of the hair, there is no ammonia. An αᵌ complex is used to seal the cuticle, evening the hair's surface and enhancing light reflectivity. This combination (the αᵌ complex and food dyes) also strengthens each strand and maintains the hair's natural moisture balance, making it look and feel healthier than ever!

The Cellophanes "Clear" works like a top coat does on your nails, adding a protectant layer of high shine. Two of my favorite color choices in the Cellophane line is the"Ice Blonde" which has a blue tint to cancel out and gold or yellow tones, and the "Rose Blonde" which has more of a violet tint to cancel out yellow tones. Mixing the two also makes a great combination for getting rid of those unwanted hues, especially if you've been outside in the sun or have been swimming. These are both bleaching agents and can make the hair pull warm at times due to the Pheomelanin in the hair. (Blog: Your Pigment isn't a Figment)

Because the Cellophane Laminates are not mixed with ammonia, they won't alter the natural gray color and therefore won't leave a line of regrowth for upkeep. This is a great choice for shine and body, low maintenance with no commitment. The glosser can be applied at every haircut appointment, only takes an 20 extra minutes, and lasts for up tp 4 weeks.

Follow me next week for another option, Highlighting with a lightener only!

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