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Option #4 After Going Gray

Highlights and Lowlights: with more colors, you will get more dimension, a softer grow out, body, shine and will last 3 months.

Option #4 will best suit the client who may have had a root color and highlights, but also wants more variations of colors, both light and dark. I have a client who colored her base roots a level 7 to cover the gray, but she also likes two shades of highlights, and one shade for a lowlight, along with her gray coverage. This gives her 4 color variations for a softer, more blended look. She then decided to go all gray with the hopes that she would look like her sisters, who grew out white, almost platinum. Unfortunately, her gray pattern only resembled her sisters in the front of her hairline. Everything else turned more gray, with dark/steel gray from her crown (top of her head) to her neck. She too missed the body, shine and dimension. We first tried option #2, (Blog: Option #2 After Going Gray) but it was too light for her. So then, we decided to try this option, highlights and lowlights, to give her the look that resembled her hair most before growing it out. Both highlight colors are still light blonde, one is a level 11 and the other a level 10. Her lowlight is a level 8. (Blog: Color Wheel Spiel). This process gives her both light and depth, along with body, shine and a soft line of growth to blend with her gray.

My tip for your stylist is again, no horizontal lines, and they may need to mix up the pattern for the darker areas with the lightest formula. This would be the same for the lighter areas with the darker formula. For the best results, always have a consultation with you stylist before you begin. With this option you can go 3 months, or about 4 times a year, before your next appointment. Going gray does not mean you can't have options to keep looking young, while giving your hair body and shine. You just have to know your options and decide what best suits you!

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